Covid-19 Statement

*Updated December 2020. A simplified version of this text is available in Braille at reception.

To all of our loyal and esteemed guests,

As the troubling global Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, I would just like to personally advise you as to the many changes that we have made onsite at the Drury Court Hotel- and thereby hopefully relieve some of the concerns there may be surrounding existing or future travel plans.

Drury Court Hotel is currently open to essential travellers, following the Level 5 restrictions put in place as of 26th December 2020, and we are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

As one of the few properties that has remained open to essential travellers throughout the crisis, we have had plenty of time for new measures to bed in with us and are keen to make the changes on our end, so that as little as possible has to change for our guests.

The safety of both our guests and our staff, who have been so resilient during this crisis- coming to work throughout these unsettling times without complaint, is absolutely paramount. To this end, we have added to our already stringent operational measures, to ensure that all additional hygiene steps are taken in bedrooms and common spaces.

Some of the key policies that we have adapted are detailed below:

Reception Area:

-          MASK: Ask us for face masks at reception

-          SANITIZE: Please use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting building.

           Bring us your empties: We are happy to refill your sanitizer bottles

-          SCREEN: We have a Perspex screen in reception to keep guests and staff safe during the check in process

-          SPACING: Only sit if necessary: chairs have been removed to encourage social distancing. Queuing: please distance from other guests at the reception desk

-          WELCOME: to keep reception clear, we shall cut our check in and check out procedures as much as possible. We are still determined to make the most of your time with us, so please call us from your room (dial 9) and we shall be delighted to offer any recommendations


-          REDUCE CAPACITY: Only travel with members of the same household in the lift. Wait for lift to return if already occupied

-          SELECT YOUR FLOOR: We’re quite proud of this one- please use a stick to select your floor and discard. No fuss, no touch!


-          STANDARDS: We are operating above HSE guidelines for hotels

-          TIME: We allow our cleaners additional time in rooms to target all areas. Rooms are left off for minimum 24 hours having been occupied

-          THYMOL: The Drury Court is one of the few places to use a Thymol fogging system. This is an all-natural product that has been proven (and certified) to kill the Covid virus. After deep cleaning of rooms, they are sanitized with this device and sealed: no matter who the previous guest was, you can rest easy

Restaurant/ Breakfast:

-          P. MAC'S: Bar and restaurant currently closed, in line with Level 5 Restrictions. A la carte breakfast delivery options are available.

Don’t feel 100%?

-          LET US KNOW: please dial 9 from your room. We’d rather be safe than sorry!

-          LISTEN TO OUR STAFF: we are briefed in the latest info from HSE and WHO. Please comply with staff requests.

-          SELF ISOLATION: we are familiar with the best self-isolation practices here onsite. If this is necessary, we shall be happy to provide you with the services required (e.g. meals left outside room/ telephone communication)

-          TEMPERATURE CHECKS: in line with recommendations, we have an infra-red (non-contact) thermometer at the reception. Staff are trained in the usage of this



Call us directly on 0035314751988 or email us at to make your booking.

One of our friendly team will be delighted to assist with either a new booking or rescheduling a previous reservation.



Please contact us directly at to cancel, amend or reschedule any bookings made directly with the hotel or on our website.

We have the most flexibility with these direct bookings, so even when a reservation was made on a non-refundable basis we shall, at the very least, be able to offer a like-for-like credit amount for future use.


Please contact your travel agent directly (whether this be Expedia/ in the case of a cancellation, as their policies will vary and cancellations must be recorded in their own systems to avoid additional penalties- particularly where they have been responsible for processing payments.

Third parties have not made this situation easy for independent hotels during this crisis, so if at all possible in the future, please do consider booking directly with the hotel: for family run properties like ourselves, this will make all the difference as we rebuild in brighter times.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our guests for their support and for the many kind and thoughtful responses we have received to date: these make us even more impatient to welcome back our loyal customers.

In the meantime, on behalf the whole team here, we send all best wishes for the health of you and yours from Dublin city centre,

Emma House

General Manager

Drury Court Hotel

Tel: 0035314751988


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